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What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say
Ralph Waldo Emerson  

The “12 FOR LIFE NYS” campaign was created with two purposes in mind. First, to honor the life of Louis Acompora, a 14 year Lacrosse player from Long Island N.Y., and second, so that special needs programs could have and also possibly provide their community with this life saving equipment/service if needed. The AEDs made possible by the “12 FOR LIFE NYS” campaign will be registered with 911 services making them more available to the people who live and work around these programs. Having these life saving devices closer to victims should shorten the actual application time resulting in lives saved when ever possible.

Louis Acompora lost his life during the first game of the season blocking a routine goal attempt. Louis died with his parents watching helplessly on the side lines because there was no AED on site to revive him. According to the American Heart Association, by the time you read about this wonderful community minded partnership between many New York State neighborhoods and the Group Homes that reside in them, another American will die of a heart attack. They estimate that this happens more than 300-thousand times a year. It’s the American Heart Association goal to install AEDs no more than 3 minutes from anyone who needs it ultimately making them as common and visible as a fire extinguisher.

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Louis’s death, the “12 FOR LIFE NYS” campaign was created and designed to provide Group Homes and a variety of other special needs programs the ability to fundraise in a team fashion and receive an AED for their efforts. “12 FOR LIFE NYS” is the first partnership of its kind where the “Special Needs Community” will be a catalyst of good will and “life safety”. This effort is truly about embracing community spirit and in years to come will have proven its ability to protect New York State residents over and over. This life saving effort is a wonderful way for the special needs community, area residents and local businesses to give back to each other and spread a life saving force that each and every one of us could benefit from. To be involved with “12 FOR LIFE NYS” is an honor that we all have the opportunity to partake in. We hope you will join the thousands that already have stepped forward.

How Can You Help?

Supporters will have the opportunity to donate a minimum of just $12.00 to any of our AED recipient site pages. Please click the “Three ways I can help” button above to find out more!






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